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👋 Hello! We are Aircampi

Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to create an online campus from anywhere easily and low-costly.

Our Story

Aircampi, Inc. was founded by six people: Lhagvasuren, Bayaraa, Tuya, Bayar, Battulga and Munguntsetseg. We were the experts of each field in the government's education projects for 7 years. After the project finished, we decided to form a startup ed-tech company. We are a team capable of working together to develop information systems and experts in the field of education.

Our Leadership

Lkhagvasuren B

CEO & Founder

Bayaraa B

CTO & Founder

Tuya B

CFO & Founder

Munguntsetseg B

CBO & Founder

Bayar G

Head of Infra & Founder

Battulga L

Head of Dev & Founder

We Believe



We believe that people are the most important and valuable thing.



The right attitude is a perfect connection of team members.



We are more productive and stronger with everyone's voice and participation.



We prefer one perfect team than one ideal individual.



We believe that continuous learning and growth keeps us alive.



We believe that innovation is the accelerator that speeds up the process.



We work to bring our customers to the next level, keep them highly efficient, and solve their problems.

We invite all of the innovators, creators, and makers to join our team